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Het begint allemaal met een vraag. Misschien loop je vast en kun je niet verder, of wil je simpelweg ontdekken waar jouw krachten en valkuilen liggen. Misschien ben je op zoek naar meer balans, zelfvertrouwen, of wil je beter leren omgaan met stress. Wat het ook is, coaching kan je helpen om antwoorden te vinden en stappen te zetten richting een beter, evenwichtiger leven.

With coaching you learn about yourself. Through conversations and exercises I make you aware of who you are, what you want and how you get there where you want to get. You learn more about yourself and develop new skills.


Coaching is not the same as therapy. A therapist treats people with psychological problems such as trauma, depression and personality disorders. I am also not an advisor, I do not tell you what to do and I do not offer you solutions.


With coaching I guide you in your personal development. I help you to formulate concrete goals and I teach you to come to insights and solutions that contribute to achieving your goals, but can also lead to positive behavioral change.


You can contact me with all kinds of questions for help.

Life questions about meaning, energy and balance;

What do I want? Who am I? What's important to me?

How do I find a balance between my work and my private life?

Where are my powers? And what are my pitfalls? Where can I still improve?

How do I get more energy again?

How can I feel useful again?


Questions about behavior and your personality;

How can I learn to make choices? How can I learn to choose myself?

How do I gain confidence?

How can I stand up for myself better?

How do I learn to listen to my gut?

How can I learn to guard my boundaries?

How do I become less of a perfectionist?

How can I better deal with negative emotions? How do I become more positive?

Questions about communication;

How do I become confident in a group?

I find it difficult to say 'no', how do I change that?

How do I become more assertive?

People misunderstand me. How can I change this?

How do I stop pleasing others?

How do I put myself 'on the map'?

I feel like no one is listening to me, how can I change that?


career questions;

I often get stuck in my work, why is that?

I experience a high workload, I often don't get my work done, how can I change that?

I don't get along with my colleagues, why is that?

My supervisor is picking on me, what should I do?

How do I learn to let go of work when I'm at home?

How do I find pleasure in my work again?

What if I want something different, but don't know what?


stress management;

I'm way too busy with everything. How do I manage my time better?

How do I learn to prioritize?

How do I create more balance in my life?

How do I prevent myself from getting burned out?

I feel lethargic and exhausted. How do I avoid dropping out?


Questions about relationships;

How can I improve communication between me and my partner?

I have a partner and children. I want to divide my attention within our family. How do I do that?

I have a disagreement with a friend, how can I say what I think?

I often feel emotionally exhausted after a birthday. How can I make sure my energy doesn't leak away.

My partner and I have two different lives, how can I make our marriage better again?


Just Different

Don't panic if you don't yet know exactly what your request for help or your goal is, even if you want it 'just different', I can help you on your way. Together we find out your request for help and set concrete goals.  

Ontdek of coaching iets voor jou is


As a coach I work with the WielwerkMethod®. A method that provides insight into where you get stuck and what is needed to move on, so that blockages can be broken, balance is restored and your (inner) processes can flow again. 


Coaching trajectory

The intake interview takes approximately one hour. We discuss your request for help or what you encounter. Together we determine your goal and how I can help you achieve it. At the same time we get to know each other because it is important that you feel comfortable with me. Trust, honesty and openness are essential for good cooperation and your development.
If you feel a click, we can continue together!

Rate intake interview: € 40,-

Coaching sessions
During the follow-up sessions I look at you as a person with a holistic view. This means that we assume different aspects of your situation; not only what happens in your head, but also what that does to your energy, what emotions it evokes and what you experience in your body. Through exercises I guide you in your process to become yourself more freely, more relaxed and with more pleasure. I help you to  connect to yourself, so that your energy can flow again and you can do what really makes you happy.
A session lasts approximately one hour. The best frequency is once every two weeks. This way you remain involved in your process and there is enough space to process what is put into operation during the sessions. If necessary, I will give you an assignment for the next session.
In between sessions you can always contact me if you have any questions or run into problems.
How many sessions you need depends on several factors, but practice shows that after 5 sessions people are already well on their way to their goal, or have even achieved their goal. 
Rate per coaching session: € 60,-

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