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In the workplace

Research has shown that since COVID-19 a record number of employees have reported long-term illness as a result of serious stress complaints or a burnout. 
As an employer, it is important that you not only focus on building a financially healthy company, but also look at the dynamics of the team and the mindset of the employees, who in turn contribute to your company. Stress and high work pressure are factors that can cause employees to no longer be able to organize their work properly, work less quickly and less effectively. Then the work piles up. Eventually, the employee becomes so overloaded that he can no longer concentrate properly and has difficulty making choices and decisions. Solution-oriented thinking and working then become increasingly difficult.
When someone drops out due to overwork or a burnout, it quickly takes a few months. Depending on the stress level, someone can develop chronic stress complaints.
A good reason for your organization to take action on this or even better, to prevent it. 
That is why companies are increasingly integrating a 'Wellbeing policy'.
A wellbeing policy is a plan in which the employer invests in the physical and mental health of the employees. The general well-being of staff should be at the heart of the development of this plan.

Individual coaching and/or offering guided (relaxation or inspirational) meditations can be part of this plan. By making employees aware of themselves and their cycle of change, they can regain or strengthen their inner balance.  

By having fun at the workplace and working from passion, employees develop self-confidence and motivation. As a result, they are more productive and successful and can make a positive contribution. It gives them (resilience) strength and flexibility to handle setbacks and stressful situations. 
The plan can have a positive impact on employees' lives both at work and at home. This by offering guidance in getting or improving a healthy lifestyle. 

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